OAI Ster 如果你使用 FireFox當你的瀏覽器,請直接點選下圖後,即能利用 Firefox 右上方之 search bar,直接搜尋 OAIster內的相關資料.

If you use Firefox, you can add OAIster as a search engine plugin in your browser toolbar. There is a link on OAIster's homepage that will install an OAIster search bar. The browser tool bar is where you type URL's, the extra search bars can usually be found at the right end.

If you are like me, there will be more search engine plugin's there. So if nothing seems to happen after the (one click) installation, just find the OAIster search at the bottom of the list.

Make it your default!

you can also reference here : http://digilib.weblog.ub.rug.nl/taxonomy/term/35

install the "OAISter" search plugin